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Robdan (Pty) Ltd operates in a niche market where it provides clients with tailor-made bridge financing solutions, specifically in property related transactions. We have an open-minded approach and take pride in assisting our clients when they are in need. Robdan is a privately funded company which means you deal directly with us.

Cash flow problems often cause delays in the property transfer process and, conversely, delays in the property transfer process often cause cash flow problems. Bridging Finance is designed to avoid or reduce the effect of these delays by solving cash flow problems for the seller, buyer or estate agent.

By entrusting the details of your short-term capital requirements with Robdan, you ensure that your application is dealt with on a personal level and finalised as swiftly as possible.

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Robdan can assist business and individuals with

  • Bridging of transfer duty on a new property
  • Bridging of outstanding rates, taxes, and levies on a property being sold
  • Bridging of seller’s advances
  • Bridging of estate agents’ commission
  • Bridging on new, further or switch bonds
  • Road Accident Fund (RAF) claim advance bridging services
  • Invoice factoring
  • Merchant factoring

Consider Robdan as your finance partner. Our products are designed to assist the role players in the property industry to eliminate costly delays in the transfer process, and to assist with planning and managing their cashflow.

Robdan bridge finance solutions gets you convenient, hassle free access to funds that may only be due at a future date. Our rates are extremely competitive and so are we. Why not send us any competitor’s written quote and find out why Robdan should be your preferred bridging finance partner.

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Bonds and Switches

Applying for a further bond or switching your bond to another bank? If you have applied for a new bond, or are switching bonds, Robdan can provide you with a bridging loan on the proceeds of your bond. Apply now by clicking here call_made.

Estate Agent Advance

Need your commission immediately on the sale of a property? If you are a registered estate agent, Robdan can provide you with a bridging loan on your commissions. Our rates are very competitive. Apply online by clicking here call_made to find out why we should be your preferred bridging loan partner?

Rates and Taxes Advance

If your rates and taxes are in arrears we at Robdan can provide bridging finance for the rates amount via the "seller proceeds” of the transfer. Apply here call_made.

Seller Advances

Robdan provides short-term bridge loan solutions for property transactions. Robdan Ltd can provide you with a bridge loan of up to 80% of the net equity available to you on registration. Apply by clicking here call_made.

Transfer Duty Advance

If you have sold your property, Robdan can bridge the transfer duty and costs where the seller has agreed to pay these, usually by increasing the purchase price. The transferring attorney can apply on the seller’s behalf prior to registration here call_made.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is an alternative funding source that offers businesses acccess to much needed cash quickly, without the strict credit approval requirements of traditional loans.

Merchant Factoring

While merchant factoring may seem very similar or equal to invoice factoring, there are key issues which differentiates this type of cash advance from invoice factoring. Typically merchant factoring involve far more risk than invoice factoring since funding is based on projected sales, whereas invoice factoring depends on existing invoices.

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